Graphical Representation

(05) Probability


(11) American Football Passer Rating v1 & v2

​      (v3.alt has some extra sample calculations entered)          

Standard Deviation

​(04) Rounding: Significant Figures and Decimal Places​    

In time you should know or recognise approximations of many of these quotients to three decimal places

You can randomise your selection of data if you want to work on season-based statistics:

 1. Determine a 16-game schedule by coin toss and by rule. Heads for Home; Tails for Away.

 2. The second game is fixed as being the obverse of the first and thereafter the running total  between them cannot differ by more than two. You can finish with two Home or two Away games.

​ 3. Determine your first game by any method you choose and work with this and the next 15 games

​ 4. For example you could roll percentage dice, or an ordinary die..a 3; then start from 31 or 33..

Percentages and Probability

​​​Hound out Data012 in Data Files - American Football (above) for more practice with tasks such as simplifying fractions, converting fractions to decimal percentages, ratios, and Quarterback Passer Rating QPR​ calculations...

Also use these figures or derived statistics for practice identifying quartiles, interquartile ranges and outliers.​​

If you randomise your selection of Data for a season set, you can establish statistics for both "For" and "Against"..

Significant Figures​​​ and Decimal Places


Using Pascal's Triangle, 2 raised to various powers, and Factorials for various distributions citing some Offense Home team decisions at half-time in the 2MW game 

Dedicated to helping to end Innumeracy within a generation - worldwide

Exotic Dice


(including 1-20 and 0-9 twice percentage/percentile)

Six-sided Dice

Conventional - Average

Poker - Golf

Learning with Dice

Aiming to help hit Innumeracy for six within a generation - worldwide


The Median, The Mode and the Arithmetic Mean. 

Effect of extreme values in a set of data.

​Moving averages. Cumulative frequencies



Multiplication table up to 25 times

1 to 100 solutions for both Numerators and Denominators

 (Raw Data in Excel format)

1 to 100 solutions for both Numerators and Denominators (Stated to Five Decimal Places in Excel format)

Tasks mainly using the Data Files

(01) Basic number handling: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication (including learning 12-times table) and Division​​

Data Files

Football (Soccer)          Cricket                    American Football                    Baseball

​Basic Percentages and Probability using coin-toss

The Cake

Mainly using a chocolate cake as an example, of fractions, ratios and percentages

This area of the website concentrates on the statistics used in 2MW and similar types of statistics with analysis for other sports.  This is intended to be developed considerably in time...

​Educational Downloads

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(21) Combination of Numbers.  Expanded February 2015

​​​​​​(04a) Practice Long Division without use of a calculator!


​(02) Fractions  

Grouped Data

(31) Numeracy tasks based on National Hunt racing

Focus on Probability in 2MW American Football Game:
The Globalisation of Numbers
An accumulating file of some of the numerical tasks you can practice using the published 2MW data files that can be found on the 2MW Statistics page...

(03) Ratios          

​More About Percentages

​If you want to calculate the area of a circle, the volume of a cylinder or swept by a piston, or the circumference of an Apple Pie, then you need to know that the value of Pi is 3.1415926536 to ten decimal places..

This section builds on the Distribution section above, which should be considered first. 

This project looks at particle motion based on an imaginary train in the 1880s worked by "Fenchurch" on the South London Line from London Bridge to London Victoria.  Employs use of formulae, SI and Imperial measurements, decimals and fractions, and with many unit conversions...

Major Projects

Basic Mathematical Operations

Starting at the very beginning, with addition, subtraction and multiplication practicals, using Snooker and Darts initially with more to come...well, add!  

Unit Conversion


Mostly using basic numeracy and percentages, this project looks at the traditional board game "Par-Golf" that was published by Ariel. Involves some logical reasoning and analysis...