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A useful tip for checking when converting fractions to decimals where the denominator is odd:  for the two whole number numerators either side of 0.500, the two decimals will always have the same variance below or above.  For example suppose the denominator is 9, 1/9 is 0.111, 2/9 is 0.222 and so on.  Each one-ninth contributes 0.111 and we know 4.5/9 is 0.500; looking at 4/9, which is 0.444 and 5/9 which is 0.555, we see that both have a variance of 0.055 from 0.500
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The first bespoke 2MW mugs to help promote global numeracy have arrived.

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Longevity tests suggest that with care a typical set of 2MW cards can last for around 60 games before they start to wear noticeably. That works out at just 20p per game or a rate of about 10p per hour for a product that can really make a difference to your numeracy skills

​​​2MW is not a charity and at the moment is unsupported by any commercial sponsorship. It is one person's effort to spread the message of the importance of numeracy around the world and make a real difference to people's lives. Feel free to use the site​​ and please consider purchasing a copy of the game if you can. Most importantly, though, tell others about this project.

The Legal Stuff...

Because the 2MW Game is worthless with regard to return/resale once the packs have been opened, I will send new customers samples, at my discretion and without any obligation, on request using the Contact Form above, free of charge by cheapest practical delivery method in order for you (the potential customer) to assess the quality of the product, to almost any in the world.

Refunds or Replacements (either packs or individual cards) subsequent to sale are only considered in the event of the goods being damaged in transit or packs found to be collated incorrectly.

Consumption of the product is legally regarded to have started once any from a set of three packs have been opened.

You (the potential customer) must decide whether the Rules, and other paperwork, associated with the 2MW American Football Game are reasonably likely to meet your entertainment and/or educational requirements before completing your purchase, and are therefore expressly excluded as a reason for a Refund.

Contact details and Product Information

2MW is published by Hugh Nightingale, 28 Manor House Drive, Ashford, Kent, England, TN23 3LP

The 2MW logo, the 2MW Game, all rules and associated paperwork, and Educational Downloads are all hereby declared to be the work of Hugh Nightingale unless otherwise clearly stated.

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Bespoke Design Option Available!

The first-edition backs have had their colour scheme chosen to save on initial production costs. Why not consider changing the colour of one or more to boost your next marketing, fundraising or charitable campaign?

The Offense deck is perhaps best suited to this purpose.

Please contact for a commercial quote using the form above

Together we can hit innumeracy for six once and for all  


If you would like to purchase one or more copies of the first edition of 2MW, please contact me using the form above. The basic price per set is £12 plus carriage with discounts offered for multiple purchases based on location. 

Similarly if you have any queries concerning the Game, Rules or Downloads then please also use the above form. I can now offer printed copies of the Full Rules reduced to A5 in booklet form.

A formal digest of FAQs is now being occasionally updated.

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