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​​ 269 (once)

    4 (once)

  42 (once)

    5 (once)


  6.60 (min 10)


  2.14 (min 10) 

  ​54 (once)

  20 (three)

  40 (once)

    7 (once)



    5 (once)

410 (once)

  39 (once)

    7 (once)

  49 (once)

407 (once)

  39 (once)

  56 (twice)

  21 (once)


  20.55 (min 10)


    5.94 (min 10)







​ 21 (twice)

​   6 (three)

 14 (once)

   0 (once)

   6 (once)

   0 (many)

 30 (once)

  10 (once) 

Penalty Analysis

​This is now based on a team basis for a 16 game season using a moving average of a sample of 64 Games 

Offense: Four principal penalties:

False Start 21.875 for 108.5 yard average 4.96  Holding 11.0 for 107.25 average 9.75

Delay of Game 2.625 for 12.5 average 4.76  Offensive Pass Interference 1.50 for 14.625 yards average 9.75

                 Total (including miscellaneous) 41.875 penalties for 279.50 yards average 6.675

Defense: Seven principal penalties:

Offside 7.0 for 34.25 yards average 4.89  Defensive Pass Interference 5.375 for 88.375 yards average 16.44

Unnecessary Roughness 5.25 for 66.375 yards average 12.64

Neutral Zone Infraction 5.0 for 23.875 yards average 4.78  Encroachment 4.0 for 18.875 yards average 4.72 

Face Mask 2.75 for 35.625 yards average 12.95  Roughing the Passer 2.625 for 32.5 yards average 12.38

               Total (including miscellaneous) 36.50 penalties for 322.50 yards average 8.83

Special Teams/Miscellaneous Fouls:  No principal penalties.

               Total 3.375 for 32.0 yards average 9.48

Elements of 2MW analysis

​Kick-off outcomes:


​ Highest Net Yards            

 Lowest Net Yards             

 Most plays                       

 Fewest plays                    

 Highest Net Yards 

   per play                        

 Lowest Net Yards

  per play                         


​ Most pass attempts          

​ Fewest pass attempts      

 Most pass completions

 Fewest pass completions    

 Highest PCT completion     

 Lowest PCT completion      

 Most Interceptions           

 Highest Total Yards       

 Lowest Total Yards         

 Most sacks                          

 Most Yards Lost              

 Highest Net Yards          

 Lowest Net Yards           

 Most pass plays              

 Fewest pass plays          

 Highest Total Yards average

  per completed pass       

 Lowest Total Yards average

  per completed pass        

 Highest Net Yards 

   per pass play               

 Lowest Net Yards

   per pass play              

 Quarterback Rating: 

  Best QBR                    

  Worst QBR                                  

​This Download gives the distribution figures for First Downs over the 100-Games by passing, by rushing, by penalty and in total. As a project you can use these figures to prepare graphs for all four and draw lines of best fit and discuss with your colleagues. Work out the arithmetic mean, median and mode for each set of figures. Write a short essay of approximately 300 discussing the various distribution results these figures have generated

​These Downloads give the passing First Down statistics for a couple of 100-Games analysis for each team presented Away-Home in three columns and sorted in ascending order of Away frequency and then Home within each Away range. Version 2 is a moving average advance from the first; first 50 games have been dropped and 50 new ones added

There are all sorts of analysis you might like to consider with these numbers from basic adding and subtraction to ratios, fractions and percentages to distribution, graphical analysis and standard deviation. Find out the typical number of FD might reasonably expect to gain by passing in a single game of 2MW, to the nearest whole number.

64-Game moving average Statistics

First Downs:

​ Most FD passing          

​ Fewest FD passing        

 Most FD rushing          

 Fewest FD rushing        

 Most FD penalty           

 Fewest FD penalty           

 Most Total FD             

 Fewest Total FD           

Statistics generated by 2MW

​The purpose of this page is to present a range of statistics generated by 2MW trial games to give some idea of the range, diversity and distribution that might be expected.

Some of these figures have to be based one or more samples of 100 games (200 teams) to give a meaningful indication of some occurrences which are comparatively rare whilst other are based on a recent batch, batches or multiples of 16 games, representative of a typical professional season. 

All sorts of analysis can be carried out by any spreadsheet program you choose to load, but as a suggestion why not look at a rolling 10 or 16 game average, especially if you wish to experiment with your own bespoke rule changes?

The number of occurrences from the 100-Game statistics is shown in brackets if ten or fewer.

256-Game Statistics are provided for further numerical practice. It should be stressed that they only give an indication of typical outcomes and due to rule refinement may not always correlate closely with the current 2MW Full Rules due to ongoing refinement. Each page is formatted to contain 24 games of data on that specific aspect of the game (16 for page 11).

2MW - The Globalisation of Numbers

You might find it helpful when using these statistics that Games 34, 44, 60, 79, 84, 86, 89, 114, 117, 121, 135, 139, 189, 203, 218, 230 and 237 went to Overtime

 Notes to 256-Game Statistics

 Third and Fourth Down conversion statistics are on the basis of an actual attempt being made or that Down  being overridden by penalty for a FD. They do not include replayed Downs due to penalties that did not  result in a FD. Nor do they include occurrences where there is no obvious intention to attempt a conversion  such as a FG or Punt on 4th Down, unless there is a penalty that results in a FD. Team rushes for the loss  of a yard at the end of a half of play that occur on 3rd Down are therefore explicitly excluded.

256-Game Statistics

​Toss, KO and Home field advantage:



​This Download looks at frequency of number of Scores - TD, FG and Safety - over 100 Games and looks at the distribution of ties and leads subsequent to the first score.

​​   526








Statistical Expectancy

Whilst some statistics are "noisier" than others and some events occur a lot more frequently than others, long term analysis is suggesting that fairly typically moving average team-per-game figures are trending as follows:

First Downs: 12.4 Passing, 6.4 Rushing and 1.2 Penalty approximating 20.0 total

Passing: 34.5 Attempts 20.7 Completions with a rate at around 0.600 and 1.2 Interceptions

Passing Yards: 245 total yards losing about 13 on 2 Sacks at an average of 6.5 per sack. 232 net yards

Rushing Yards: 109 net yards on 27.4 carries at an average of about 4 yards per carry

Total Yards: 341 net yards on 64 plays averaging around 5.3 yards per play

Touchdowns: About 2.75 of which 1.53 Passing, 1 Rushing and 0.2 Miscellaneous (Returns and Special Teams)

PAT/TPC/Safety: Approximately 2.49 PAT and 0.11 TPC with one Safety in about 18 games

Field Goals: Approximately 1.54 of 1.94 at a rate just under 0.8 (slightly over discounting long FGA at the end of Q2)

Punt: Around 4.5 with approximately one in a hundred blocked. Say 4.45 clean punts at around 43.8 yards

Third Downs: 12.6 with 5.13 converted with a PCT rate of 0.407 

Approximate PCT 0.535 Passing, 0.425 Rushing 0.04 Penalty

Fourth Down: 1.01 with 0.73 converted at PCT of 0.73  Around 0.47 PCT both Rushing and Passing; 0.06 Penalty

Fumbles: 1.1 per game losing 0.85

Returns: KO 3.95 returns at an average of 20.8 yards  Punt 2.59 returns at an average 7.57 

Interception 0.96 at an average of 13.6 yards  Miscellaneous/others are negligible

Penalties: Approximately 5.1 at an average of 7.75 yards each but statistically very noisy

Passing Analysis:

WR: 19.8 Attempts, 11.2 Completions at average of 14.8 yards with share of TD around 0.79 PCT

TE: 6.1 Attempts, 4.0 Completions at average of 10.6 yards with share of TD around 0.145 PCT

RB: 8.3 Attempts, 5.3 Completions at an average of 6.6 yards with share of TD around 0.065 PCT

About 1 PInc (spike) per team every three games.

Remember: Third Down Conversions do not include R(-1) situations when GC being run down at end of half or game.


​ Highest Net Yards         

 Lowest Net Yards           

 Most rush plays               

 Fewest rush plays          

 Highest Net Yards 

   per rush play           

 Lowest Net Yards

  per rush play