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New task added: Cricket 1 Rules Full and Passer Rating tasks upgraded

 ​15th March 2017:

 At last I've finished the 256-game statistics and verified them, although  there is bound to be the odd rouge type here and there...

 Now need to turn attention to the puzzles again.

 I am always please to receive feedback from users of the website.

​ 18th March 2017...three errors found pertaining to penalties corrected

 19th April 2017. Omissions within Analysis 5 corrected

 25th April 2017. Strange things can happen with distribution and  chance. For example 2MW had not generated a muffed punt in ages

 26th April 2017. I believe I am nearly in a position to provide additional  penalty statistics based on the 256-Game moving average that are  consistent for generation

 26th May 2017. Recent puzzles added: Ask A Policeman, Analysis 6 and  Assignment 1

 26th June 2017. Recent puzzles added: Quarterback Rating 1, 2 and 3

 4th July 2017. Important unscheduled update to Full Rules (17.072) as  it is mathematically possible for PP in the second half to apply under  both the score deficit/Downs criteria as well as Back-to-Back

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 Cricket 1

 “What an amazing game” exclaimed Peter! “Scores were exactly level at 334 on first  innings in the game at Edgbaston between Warwickshire and Middlesex and then  Middlesex got home with just one wicket to spare.”

 “Yes, it’s more obviously a close one when the deficit is a run or two at the end but I  agree that’s quite something. There’s all sort of statistics we can glean from this contest  but for now let’s just focus on the Middlesex bowling attack” replied Jennie.

 “And I’ve just noticed both teams reached 302 at close of play for the first two days...and  324 conceded off bat, no-balls and wides” he added.

 “Middlesex used six bowlers in the same order. I’ll label them A to F for now” said Jennie.  “The stats are given in order Overs-Maidens-Runs-Wickets so the first thing we need to  do is to combine the two innings”

 First:         A: 28-3-85-3       B: 25-3-81-2       C: 22-1-86-2

                 D: 19-6-38-2      E: 10-2-33-1       F: 1-0-1-0

 Second:     A: 18-3-58-1       B: 15.4-2-59-5    C: 10-0-46-1

                 D: 9-2-26-1        E: 7-1-17-0         F: 10-0-25-2

 “Handy” stated Peter. “Only one incomplete over and that was four balls so we count that  as 0.67 of an over. We’ll work out the totals as you’ve said and can work out the average  per innings for all six. Each bowler took at least one wicket so we can work out their  bowling averages and then economy rate per over for the match – that’s runs conceded  per over.”

 “Another stat we can work out are the maiden overs per completed over, and for this we  disregard E’s four balls.”

 “One thing has always made me wonder about four day cricket” concluded Peter. “And  what’s that” quizzed Jennie? “In concluded matches where one bowler, and one bowler  only, takes five or more wickets in an innings, what is the win percentage for his team?    That, however, will have to wait another day.”

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It is with regret that I have decided to shut down  this website at least temporarily from about the  7th August 2017.

 Traffic has been declining in recent months. This  coupled with a lack of interest in the 2MW Game  as well as the statistics and puzzles means that it  is simply not viable to keep it running in its  present format.

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