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The next action was to turn a Kc for the PAT and the "No?" was drawn.  As this did not follow one of the Punt/FGA of 52yds, 55yds or 59yds then the PAT is good.  Just after halfway through Q1 the scores are tied at seven.  It is here we must leave it with both players likely to have at least one more possession in Q1.  Many Ptoc have been played already so both players are aware that there is a good chance of at least one of the remaining five PrYc being gained on a Rush, although of the MPrYc only the Yc54 has yet to appear...

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Two more plays have now been made.  Not only was the PtoRB successful for ten yards, but the Home team had the good fortune to draw yet another Yc10 with the LofS now the Def 11.  This pass was completed - both cards may be seen and the Yc1 was ready for the SY gain for a TD.  But there was an Unnecessary Roughness (E-foul) by Def added on to the end of the play.  By rule, as no yardage can be added; the First Down (FD) had been gained anyway, the Home team then scored an automatic 1yd TD on the next play.

We pick up the game during the Away team's opening drive.  They have already benefited from the first penalty of the game, (Def) Encroachment and although still some way from the Home team's Red Zone (1-20) have taken their first time-out (TO) due to two false discards during the drive; an early abundance of Pass to cards seemingly worked out in series of short passes.  CM, I/F and Tf have just been discarded by the Home team and three fresh will be drawn.

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The Home team are now on their first drive and have just completed a pass for 48 yards which the Away team were unable to halve so the Yc is gained in full.  We show the four Oc held by Off, who, having advanced to the Def 21 with the long completion, decline to lay a second Yc in the circumstances.  Although a rush might preferable in the situation, knowing that having failed to halve Yc48, Def is highly unlikely to hold a T, and that Immunity from Fumbling would apply, two Ptoc and a Yc10 plus a Yc1 is almost always a definite passing circumstance.

The Down Penalty, Kick and Kick Return Penalty decks have been set out in an array for turning to the right with the Defense placed centrally.  Away team cards are to the left and Home team to the right.  Home team have won the toss and deferred to Q3.  The KO 46yds has been turned and as the Away team have drawn three Ptocards and a Yc6, no Oc is laid.  It counts as a return for 0 yards and Away must pass on 1st Down

​On 17th November 1968, NBC famously pulled coverage of the AFL game, New York Jets at Oakland Raiders, early in preference for the movie Heidi, and thereby missed two late Raiders TDs to win the game.  Shortly before our beloved Lucy-the-Westie passed away on 9th December 2014, a bizarre trial game of 2MW took place, which coincidentally also (nominally) involved two West Coast teams.  

In honour of her love, devotion, character, indefatigable spirit, stubbornness and refusal to give up in the face of adversity, The Lucy Bowl is so dedicated.

After the TO, the Away team made PtoRB for nine yards on 1st Down to set up a Short Yardage situation, followed by a short rush gain for two yards; the Home team declining to negate in the circumstances.  Unfortunately the Away team then picked up the Yc82 and took a chance with the single PtoWR in hand, which as a general rule is not usually a secure option.  On this occasion it was...the Home team were forced to discard a T and as the Line of Scrimmage (LofS) was the Def 26, a TD was scored with a successful PAT.

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